And We’re Off…

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The House has just started debate on the rule on the health care bill. Thus far Rep. Tom Price, a George Republican, has objected to every speaker – mostly women Democratic representatives talking about women’s health care issues (note to GOP: the optics of Price bullying and yelling over these women ain’t great). If it’s gonna be like this all day – we’re gonna be here until Monday easily. This is already much uglier than the passage of Medicare Part D. So much for the GOP saying they aren’t going to employ delaying tactics…

We’re expecting a Democratic caucus at 11am with President Obama speaking at 11:25. GOP leaders, meanwhile, holds a press conference  at 11:45. If the schedule is adhered to we expect final passage between 7-8pm. Unfortunately right now – considering all the screaming that is already going on – that looks unlikely.

Although I loathe Media Matters as a rule, this is a decent mash up of the morning debate.