Hyannis Port: The Scene

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Greetings from Hyannis Port. Here’s a story on the scene here. And, belatedly, as I was on vacation last week, here’s my story on John Kerry in this week’s dead tree edition that I think pretty well illustrates how Senator Kennedy spent much of the last year (thanks for the shout out, Joe).

While most people have been wide eyed or curious passing by the blocks of satellite trucks and cameras at the Kennedy compound, the crowds — first for Eunice and now for Teddy — are clearly wearing thin on a few local residents. “Goddammit, you people still here?” snarled one elderly man in a golf cart, clearly fresh from the greens. A nearby Barnstable policeman (the Hyannis police, overwhelmed, called for reinforcements) directing traffic apologized for him: “Mostly folks around here are really nice. It’s like Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, generally. I think a few just don’t like you paparazzi.” Surely, the golfer will be happy to know that most of us will leave tomorrow with the motorcade. And he may be comforted — or saddened — to realize that this is likely the last media mob to trouble Hyannis Port for many a-year as with Teddy goes the last of Camelot.