Welcome to Swampland, Brooks Kraft!

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Astute observers will note that there’s a new face over there to the left of this post. We are thrilled to announce that TIME’s supremely talented photographer Brooks Kraft has just joined the Swampland gang. Among other things, Brooks will be sharing videos that he shoots as he covers the White House, giving all of us an inside look* through his trained and gifted eye.

Here are a few things you should know about Brooks:

Brooks Kraft is a veteran photojournalist of six presidential campaigns and is currently based in Washington, D.C., where he has been assigned to the White House for TIME since 2000. A native of New York City, he has covered politics and national stories for TIME since joining as a Contributing Photographer in 1996.

* Like this Obama’s Eye view of last Friday night’s parade at the Marine Corps Barracks on Capitol Hill. If you are ever in DC on a summer Friday, by the way, this is one of the very nicest things to do. If you don’t happen to be the Commander-in-chief, you will need a ticket. But they are pretty easy to get.