Obama Wins Again: David Axelrod Is A Horse, Reggie Love a Pig

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White House officials staying at L’Aquila for the G8 summit have access to a little piece of home in their backyard: A basketball court near their dormitories. (Yes, some officials who will remain unnamed must share bathrooms.)

Yesterday afternoon, Barack Obama invited out some aides out to shoot hoops. The competition, I am assured, was a competitive one. The President of the United States frowns upon hint that aides are giving him an edge. Nonetheless, the president won the contest. He beat David Axelrod, his senior message adviser, at H-O-R-S-E. Then he beat Reggie Love, his body man who played basketball at Duke, in a shorter game of P-I-G.

No word on whether Obama plans to bring out other world leaders to shoot for international development aid, or carbon credits.