Surpise Allies

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In the category of who’d have thunk to have asked goes this gem, kudos to the booker, from CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer today:

Alberto Gonzales: I think it’s a proud day for the Sotomayor family.  It’s a historic day for the Hispanic community. I don’t think that any gender group or ethnic group is entitled to representation on our courts.  I don’t think that the outcome of a case should depend upon the ethnicity or gender of the judge, any more than the outcome of a case should depend on the ethnicity or gender of the prosecutor or defendant. But, having said that, Wolf, this is a powerful message, a powerful message of hope and opportunity through this appointment, just like there’s a powerful message sent when an African-American is elected president or an African-American or a Hispanic is appointed as attorney general of the United States.  It’s a powerful message that a president listens to.  And this president obviously did. 

Gonzo’s comments come after Wolf pried out of him that Bush once considered nominating him to be the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court.