Stayin’ Classy in the Lone Star State

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Eileen Smith of Texas Monthly’s In the Pink blog tells us that things are getting pretty hot in the 2010 GOP primary race for Governor, where incumbent Rick Perry is trying to convince voters that Kay Bailey Hutchison (whose 2008 American Conservative Union voting record topped 89%) is just too darn liberal for the state and the party. As Smith notes, his political consultant didn’t mince words in recent comments to the Dallas Morning News:

While Perry political consultant Dave Carney claims that his boss is all for welcoming new voters into the tent, these new inductees shouldn’t include sluts, whores, and other Democrats. OMG!

“[It] doesn’t mean you take your principles and throw them out the door and become a whorehouse and let anybody in who wants to come in, regardless,” Carney said.

That’s right, Kay. Take your siren song somewhere else, sweetheart! Next thing we know you’ll be in flagrante delicto with Arlen Specter and the party will be caught with its pants down.

A group of women, led by former GOP national committeewoman Denise McNamara, has called upon Perry to apologize for his consultant’s remarks. The Houston Chronicle also notes this response from Perry spokesman Mark Miner:

“Dave Carney, a national political consultant and former White House Political Director, was commenting on a story concerning the state of the national Republican Party. He was not commenting on the 2010 Texas Governor’s race and does not speak for the Governor.”

Yeah, right. That’s what he meant.