Gibbs Says Wanda Went Over The Line

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(Video courtesy of our friends at C-SPAN)

UPDATE: Here’s the transcript:

Q If I could change topics, then, what did the President think of Wanda Sykes comment about Rush Limbaugh and the hijacker?

MR. GIBBS: Well, I’ll leave it to the immediate past president of the White House Correspondents Association to discuss —

Q I thought you talked to the President, though. What did the President think?

MR. GIBBS: No, no, I understand. I’ll give you my full answer if you’ll give me one second to do it. I don’t know how guests get booked. That’s a White House Correspondents Association thing. I think the President — I haven’t talked specifically with him, but my guess is, Jeff, that I think there are a lot of topics that are better left for serious reflection rather than comedy. I think there’s no doubt that 9/11 is part of that.