White House Correspondents Dinner

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The annual spring rite that is known in these parts as the prom has come and gone. It reached new heights of giddiness–movie stars! movie stars!–but was so crowded that I didn’t actually spot many of them. At one point, someone at my table (we were toward the rear of a huge ballroom) told me that she could see Tom Cruise’s back. As for me, I didn’t succeed in my one fangirl goal of the evening, which was to meet–or for that matter, even see–Glenn Close. Others did much better on that score.

But the President was very funny. (You can see the full video of his speech here. The evening was worth it for the Michael Steele bit alone.) And Wanda Sykes was as edgy as you would have expected–and hoped. You can see her speech here. It will be most interesting to see how well Rush Limbaugh can take the sort of stuff that he dishes out on a daily basis.

Finally, Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers here in the Swamp. None other than Sarah Palin tweets a terrific idea for how to celebrate the day:

Gift advice: write your mom an original poem, I guarantee that’s what she wants! And clean the house. With a smile:)