This Is the Second Notice

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Has anyone else been getting these robo-calls? “This is the second notice that the factory warranty on your car is about to expire.” I started getting them on my cell phone about a month ago and now I’m getting them morning noon and night – like 2am night. According to some useful research by a blogger on reddit, the culprit behind these illegal automated calls is a Missouri company called the National Auto Warranty Service, Inc., which despite the best efforts by the Missouri Attorney General, Verizon and AT&T seems to still be flouting the law and calling thousands, if not millions, of folks. Apparently, no one seems to be enforcing the do-not-call registry. In a shameless use of this political blog for personal gain and on behalf of anyone receiving these annoying calls, I ask lawmakers – this is an easy political win for you — get these people to stop their illegal calling!