Obama By The Numbers

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Back in the day when I was covering the Clinton White House, I would occasionally need the answer to an obscure question: How many fundraisers has the President done this year? Is this is third or fourth trip to Scranton? The press office always sent me to the same place for an answer: CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller, who has covered every President since Gerald Ford and who keeps a most meticulous record of everything the Big Guy does. Here is how Obama’s First Hundred Days add up on Knoller’s scorecard.

UPDATE: Swampland asks; Knoller answers.

Commenter Dee in Columbia MD wants to know:

So he didn’t raise any money?

So @ktumulty tweeted @markknoller and he replies:

should have included: during 1st 100 days, Obama did two democratic party fund-raisers generating $3.5-million. Both on Mar 25.