House Could Pass Immigration Reform

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As President Obama heads to Mexico, there has been speculation that his administration might add immigration reform to their already ambitious list of legislative goals this year. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked today about passing immigration reform this year at an event promoting stimulus money for San Francisco schools. Her response:


I honestly don’t know. I think that I would have to move in a forward direction but we have to get healthcare finished, we have our appropriations bills that we must do, the President has energy as part of the agenda so in order for us to get it done in a reasonable time we have to get it started and we have been having those kinds of conversations but it has to be comprehensive. We can solve each of the little pieces but we have to do the legalization piece and we’ll see. I mean I think we can pass it in the House, I just can’t answer for the Senate. 

Pelosi could pass just about anything she wants out of the House. And the Administration remains non-committed committed on the issue. Which leaves the heavy lifting on immigration reform to Harry Reid.