Underplayed Story of the Day

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This being Tax Day and all, it seems a good pick is this story from the metro section of the Washington Post:

D.C. police Detective Michael C. Irving was looking for a way to keep more money in his pocket when he settled on a little-known “program” that he claimed exempted him from income taxes.

During a three-year period, while earning more than $450,000, he did not pay a dime to the U.S. Treasury or D.C. government. Irving had not stumbled upon an obscure tax loophole. Authorities say the respected homicide investigator was participating in an extreme form of tax cheating that they worry could be going mainstream.

UPDATE: Elsewhere on TIME.com, Dan Fletcher gives us the 10 Most Famous Tax Dodgers.

UPDATE2: Meanwhile, over at the Curious Capitalist, Justin demolishes Ari Fleischer’s argument about how much of the tax burden is being borne by the rich.