MSNBC Drops The Tea Bags

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I am pretty sure national cable has never before had so much sexual innuendo squeezed into one 8-minute segment as Rachel Maddow squeezed into this recent segment, with the help of Swampland founder Ana Marie Cox, of course. The following clip displays all the juicy niblets, including the moment when Ana asks “Who wouldn’t want to tea bag John McCain?” and the moment when Maddow notes that MSNBC standards bar discussion of “fiscal teabags.”

For those who are struggling to get the joke, I am unable to help you out, since I am writing for a large family-friendly corporation, which has stockholders and such. Though I would suggest you ask Google.

ALSO: Along the same lines, Not Larry Sabato flags the fact that someone has posted soft-core lesbian porn to the Virginia GOP YouTube Channel. (Click quick. I’m sure it won’t last.)