Hangin’ with Mrs. Obama

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I might as well just admit that I think it’s quite cool that the White House now has a vegetable garden–and beehives!–on the grounds. But what strikes me most about the whole enterprise is that Michelle Obama appears to have adopted a whole class of 5th graders at Bancroft Elementary School in D.C. According to the White House schedule for tomorrow, she’s going to host another event in the garden tomorrow with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the kids who helped her break ground on March 20. The schedule also notes that “students from the school will return later this year for harvesting and cooking with the food grown.”

The First Lady did say on “60 Minutes” before moving into the White House that she wanted to “have an impact in the D.C. area.” I just didn’t know that meant she’d be inviting a bunch of elementary school kids over to the house once a month.