Why We Love Roland Hedley

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We live in a world of appropriation – to art historians the idea of blurring the line between reality and what’s on the canvas by appropriating common images thereby forcing the audience to reexamine them. Just look at the works of Andy Warhol and Cindy Sherman. Advertising is often on the cutting edge of such imagery, taking the narrative to the next level: for example, characters in ABC’s soaps “All My Children” and “One Live to Live” not only buy and give jewelry and gifts that are available to viewers online but fictional characters pen real-life books off of the plotlines.

In an awesome twist of making a character three-dimensional (and making wonderful, viscous fun of the DC tweeting class), Gary Trudeau has taken Roland Hedley, a Fox News character from his famed comic strip Doonesbury, and has him tweeting in a style only appropriate to a DC bigwig. A prime and hilarious example from today:

Disregard that last tweet from a staffer.
8 minutes ago from web

Enroute UK. Just re-upped membership in 1st class Mile High Club. Okay, I was by myself, but was thinking of one of the flight attendants.
10 minutes ago from web

At Dulles, on way to London for G-20 summit. In taxi to airport, practiced my English accent on Irish cab driver, which didn’t go well.
about 3 hours ago from web

 And, of course, I’m going to twitter this, completing the cycle of delightfully inappropriate appropriation.