Over Here in Happyville…

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I’ve been trying to work up some sort of outrage over some piece of the whole Rush Limbaugh hoo-hah, but there are just some days when I have had it up to here with political squabbles and instead go looking for escapist reading to distract me. If, like me, you’re in need of a few Rush-free moments, here’s what I found in the sports pages:

  • Basketball players haven’t gotten any better at shooting free throws in the past 50 years? Fascinating. And it explains so much. (Two words, Wizards fans: draft pick.)
  • Our colleague Bobby Ghosh tells the story of two young guys from India who at this time last year had never played a game of baseball in their lives, and are now pitching in spring training, having been signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Just don’t compare them to “Slumdog Millionaire.”
  • Could there be a better time to make another go at launching a Women’s Pro Soccer League? Yes, definitely. But we’ve always got room here in the nation’s capital for another struggling sports team, so bring it on!