Speaking of Disasters…

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Remember how much grief Al Gore got for claiming in the first 2000 presidential debate that he had accompanied then-FEMA Director James Lee Witt to a fire disaster scene in Texas? (It turned out that while Gore had indeed been on many disaster visits with Lee, he hadn’t accompanied him on the one in question.) The story helped build a media narrative that the Vice President was a serial exaggerator.

I wonder, then, what kind of story line we will see coming out of today’s revelation by Politico’s Ben Smith about a claim that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal made in his response to President Obama’s speech Tuesday night, one that put him right in the middle of the action during Hurricane Katrina.

UPDATE: I should have noted, as Ben did, that TPM’s Zachary Roth and Daily Kos diarist xgz were in there early casting doubt on Jindal’s version of events.