Re: We Have Ourselves a Deal

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Not so fast, say House Dems who have been closeted for the last two-and-a-half hours trying to make heads or tales of the complex bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama’s legislative director Phil Schiliro have been in the speaker’s office with them. At issue, I’m told, is a $10 billion increase to the state stabilization fund. House Dems want to see this money go specifically through Title I for school construction but the three Senate Republicans have said they want the funds to be left up to governors’ discretion. We’re told that a deal is still (hopefully) imminent; House Rules Committee Chairman Louise Slaughter on her way out of the meeting said she still plans to bring the deal to the House floor tomorrow. And the postponed 3pm conference vote is back on again — theoretically for right now, though there’s not a member in sight of the LBJ room where they’re meeting.