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Stimulus Passes

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61-37. So, let’s reset: He’s been in office three weeks. He’s gotten the most expensive bill in the history of anything through both Houses of Congress…to a chorus of he’s screwing up, the honeymoon’s over, etc. etc. I’m not sure what the Conference wrangling will hold, nor whether the Republican duo trio (thanks–commenter sacredh)in the Senate can remain placated, nor whether the final product will perform as advertised. Though it is, undoubtedly, better than nothing.

But this glorious mess has been an education for those citizens who weren’t aware of the vagaries of legislative gestation, and so, a public service.

And the President hasn’t lost a battle yet (just a few nominees).

Update: Commenter Elvis Elvisberg notes that people like Paul Krugman and Nouriel Rubini, who correctly predicted the disaster, want a bigger stimulus. They may be right. If so, Obama can keep going back to Congress for more–as Franklin Roosevelt did. It is impossible, at this point,  to figure the depth of the slump precisely right.