The High Sheriffs Do Davos

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Ah, things are grim in Davos, where a contingent of our High Sheriffs has gone skiing
is pondering the dire situation of the world economy. Lucky for us, they are blogging it.

Among the insights we have gained thus far is this one, from Michael Elliott, the editor of TIME International:

Anxious readers will want to know that my bags finally arrived. And that the rosti – an artery-clogging local dish of potatoes, bacon, and fried egg – is as good as ever. I had a great one tonight with my German friends Joe and Christine Joffe, then dropped in to the drinks party hosted by Israeli high-tech entrepreneur Yossi Vardi at the Belvedere. And then the long trudge through the icy streets – it snowed off and on all day, and I was told that the skiing on the Parsenn was spectacular, dammit – and so to bed.

UPDATE: Commenter Pourmecoffee asks: Is it true that when you burp at Davos, it comes out a rainbow?