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Build the Wind Farm

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This is almost as embarrassing for the Kennedy family as Caroline’s Senate bid. A classic case of NIMBY…and very revealing to see that arch-environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who proposed himself for Environmental Protection Administrator, has also taken the family line on the project in the past. (I don’t know how his name got out there for the EPA job if he didn’t throw his own hat into the ring; he lacks the credentials for anything except sailing.)

For the record, I spend a lot of time on the Cape…on the other side from the Kennedys, the bay side. It’s a wind factory. And I’d welcome a gazillion windmills mucking up my view, especially if it means we can stop buying so much oil from the Saudis, Venezuelans, Russians etc etc…and give needed jobs to Massachusetts workers. C’mon Senator, you’re better than this.