Blago on “The View”

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I missed the very beginning, but in what I’m seeing now, he’s acquitting himself quite well. Plus, the View ladies seem quite charmed by him.

UPDATE: Unlike me, JP saw the whole thing, and offers his professional assessment. It begins:

You might not think that the spectacle of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment and media self-justification tour could not get more surreal. But that would underestimate The View, which began its sitdown with Blago, hands clasped, being interrogated by Barbara Walters’s giant head on a flat-screen monitor. (Walters was beamed in from L.A., where she traveled for a taping.)

It was like the Wizard of Oz lecturing a deferential but unrepentent munchkin. And, unsurprisingly, it just got weirder from there.