Pardon Season Update

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President Bush issued another round of pardons yesterday, including a rare posthumous one for a man convicted of selling B-17s in 1948 to Jewish resistance fighters in Israel. None of the names on the list were the big ones (like Scooter Libby) about which there has been so much speculation. But P.S. Ruckman Jr., an associate professor of politcal science at Rock Valley College in Illinois, raises questions about this one. You can read Ruckman’s blog Pardon Power here. It includes his own “watch list” and historic comparisons between Bush and other Presidents in their use of the pardon.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Never mind. Dana Perino’s statement:

Yesterday the President forwarded to the Pardon Attorney a Master Warrant of Clemency including 19 requests for pardons with direction that he execute and deliver grants of clemency to the named individuals.

With respect to the case of Mr. Isaac R. Toussie, the Counsel to the President reviewed the application and believed, based on the information known to him at the time, that it was a meritorious application. He so advised the President, who accepted the recommendation.

Based on information that has subsequently come to light, the President has directed the Pardon Attorney not to execute and deliver a Grant of Clemency to Mr. Toussie. The Pardon Attorney has not provided a recommendation on Mr. Toussie’s case because it was filed less than five years from completion of his sentence. The President believes that the Pardon Attorney should have an opportunity to review this case before a decision on clemency is made.