Swampland Commenter Contest: Who Should Pick Obama’s Senate Successor?

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants Illinois Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn to do it. Illinois’ senior Senator Dick Durbin wants a special election. The spirit of Chicago politics might argue for putting the seat on Craigslist. Or maybe Priceline.com. But surely we can come up with something more creative than that…

UPDATE: Commenter dbrddr informs us that Governor Blagojevich’s seat is already on eBay:

UPDATE 2: By popular acclaim, commenter Gunny wins the thread with this late entry:

KT-I have to ask what are you willing to pay for this creativity. I mean coming up with this s**t is not easy and it is a f***** valuable thing, and we commenters are not giving it away for f***** nothing. Any ideas we come with are f***** golden, if you won’t pay for it, than f**** you. Commenter A has already got assurances from Blogger B that he will play ball so you can shove that apprecation s**t you usually give away up your a**.