Change To Win Denies Involvement

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Patrick Fitzgerald has made clear that people should withhold judgement on those people or groups that Gov. Rod Blagojevich mentioned as part of his alledged criminal scheme. “We make no charges about the other people mentioned in this complaint,” he said.

Along these lines, Change to Win, the union group mentioned by Blagojevich as a possible vehicle for him to get a job out of the Senate seat appointment, has denied any involvement in the alleged criminal scheme. Greg Denier, the communications director of Change to Win, has just told TIME there were no discussions with the governor’s office. “Change to Win has had no involvement, discusion or contact with the governor, his staff, or his advisors,” Denier said. He added that the idea that Blagojevich could obtain a position at Change To Win was “totally an invention” and has “no basis in reality.” Denier added, “It’s clear that he made that up.”