Obama at Trail’s End

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The last day of campaigning was an emotional and bittersweet one for the Obama campaign, one that saw the candidate in tears as he talked about his grandmother at a rally for 25,000 in Charlotte.

It was after midnight when we took off from Dulles following the last rally in Manassas Park (the crowd estimate for that one was 90,000, and for once, there were no jokes about inflated numbers–we thought they were lowballing it) and headed for Chicago. It was the last time his entire traveling press corps would be together (today’s events will be covered by a pool). Obama wandered back in the plane, something he hasn’t done much lately, and had this to say to the traveling press corps as he walked down the aisle and shook everyone’s hand individually.:

You guys have been gracious, outstanding, reasonably easy for our crack team here and, you know, whatever happens tomorrow, it’s extraordinary you guys have shared this process with us. and I just want to say thank you and I appreciate you.

Kathy Kiely: how are you feeling Senator?

Obama: I am not going to come back and answer any questions here, Kathy. Even though you can feel free to keep your tape recorders on.

Get some sleep starting on Wednesday.

Reporter: I’m sorry about your Grandmother.

Obama: I know you guys have sent a lot of emails individually, collectively it is very gracious.

Embeds—they have been there for the start.

Thank you guys, thank you guys

As Obama headed back to his private cabin in the front, he had one more thing to say:

It will be fun to see how the story ends.