Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va.–The McCain campaign makes signs for its crowds, usually simple messages painted in broad strokes with the sort of gritty red and blue paint they give to grade school kids. The messages are pretty standard: “We [Heart] McCain”; “Women 4 McCain”; “Keep Virginia Red”; and “McCain =The Hero America Needs.”

The crowd’s own handmade signs, however, are a bit more creative, especially as we enter the final 72-hour campaign sprint. Here are some of the highlights of the homemade signs from this morning’s rally:

“I Love America Don’t Let Her Change”
“Read My Lipstick”
“McCain Palin / Each More Qualified Than Obama / Together They Will Get Osama”
“Hey Barry Show America Your Birth Certificate, Medical Records, Transcripts”
“Character Can be Judged By The Company You Keep / Vote McCain”
“I Didn’t Serve In Iraq To Put Obama In The White House”
“The Obamanation Ends Here”
“Vote As If Freedom Depended On It”
“Phil The Bricklayer / I Work Hard For My $”
“Instant Jobs / Deport All Illegal Immigrants”