UPDATE: Redistributing the Wealth…

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John McCain’s campaign may spend a lot on clothes, but they are a much better bargain on election night. Where Barack Obama’s campaign is charging the media $935 for a basic setup (table space, phone, internet, food) at Chicago’s Grant Park, the figure being quoted by the McCain campaign is $695 for essentially the same thing at the Arizona Biltmore.

UPDATE: My sharp-eyed colleague Jay Newton-Small points this out in the McCain announcement:

Coverage: Results Watching Party — Open Press

John McCain Delivers Remarks — Pooled Press

*PLEASE NOTE: There will be a closed circuit feed of John McCain’s remarks into the press filing center and into the Phoenix results watching party.

Aha! That explains the bargain rate. Only a pool gets to see McCain actually give his speech. For $695, the rest of the press gets to watch it on TV. Like at home.

I’m thinking that pooling an election night may be a first. It certainly is in my experience.