Another Debate; Another Liveblog

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Yep, Jim Poniewozik, Michael Grunwald and I will be at it again. I’ll be in the media filing center at Hofstra, JP will be in front of his television and Grunwald is threatening to blog from a redneck bar somewhere in Mississippi, if he can find one with wi-fi. (To me, a redneck bar with wi-fi is as inauthentic as a redneck bar with a blender, but whatever…)

Anyway, wherever you happen to be watching it, please fire up the laptop and join us. We’ve got a special link set up, which you can get to by clicking here.

Several of our esteemed commenters complained of “my friends” hangovers after last debate’s drinking game. So this time, maybe we should stay away from “Ayers” and “terrorist.”

UPDATE: Commenter Jarais asks: Which will get me more smashed, “Main Street” or “Wall Street”?