Random: Which of These Things Is Not Like the Other?

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“Mistress Johanna, owner of Le Salon DeSade, and her business partner are drafting paperwork to create DomPAC to help lobby lawmakers to rewrite prostitution laws to protect BDSM practices.” [Jezebel]

“‘You let me down. Yes ‘me’–me and everyone else who has ever defended you,’ wrote Cohen–again! Pity poor Richard, who gives so much of his heart to faithless politicians–in an open letter where he noted that he’d been unable to find a single Clinton defender during his recent stay in Davos.” [TNR]

I need a translation of Tina Brown. [The Daily Beast]

“In a series of particularly relevant experiments, psychologists Todd Rogers and Michael I. Norton recently showed that most people are extremely poor at spotting even dramatic discrepancies between questions and answers.” [WP]

“Samarra now is totally different from four years ago. It is an ancient and holy town for all Muslims. This town expresses the historical heritage and glory for the Muslim caliphs. But now it is submerged in worry, restricted by concrete walls.” [Baghdad Bureau Blog]