And From the Obama Campaign

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This statement from spokesman Bill Burton:

At 8:30 this morning, Senator Obama called Senator McCain to ask him if he would join in issuing a joint statement outlining their shared principles and conditions for the Treasury proposal and urging Congress and the White House to act in a bipartisan manner to pass such a proposal. At 2:30 this afternoon, Senator McCain returned Senator Obama’s call and agreed to join him in issuing such a statement. The two campaigns are currently working together on the details.

UPDATE: It seems there are two ways to look at this. On the one hand, it’s going to be hard to get the votes to pass anything, unless the presidential contenders put their own political capital behind it. On the other, just about the last two people you would want in the room when a delicate deal is being cut are two guys who are in the middle of a very close and increasingly bitter presidential campaign. This should be interesting to watch.