Who Woulda Thunk?

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Last night, on 60 Minutes, John McCain said that one of the lessons he learned from this campaign is that it is unwise to have long conversations with reporters. The exchange came after Scott Pelley of 60 minutes made an oblique reference to McCain’s comment during the primaries that he did not understand economics as well as he should have.

Pelley: You’re not an expert on the economy. Senator Obama is not an expert on the economy. So let me ask you what traits would you bring to the Oval Office that would help navigate this country out of the current emergency?

McCain: Never complain, but maybe I can explain. That statement about me and the economy was made in the context of a long conversation. Moral of the story is, don’t have long conversations, especially with 60 Minutes. Point is, no seriously, is that I understand the economy as chairman of the Commerce Committee, which oversights all of the commercial aspects of America’s economy. I’ve been involved in these issues for many, many years. I know the economy. I know how to fix it.

(Was he joking or serious? Probably both.)