Random: Put the Lime in the Coconut

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The economic crisis hurts us all. [Cute Overload]

“There are many, many places in the world not to get lost. And many people not to be when you are there. And many cunning plans to escape. In Abu Ghraib (Yes, that Abu Ghraib). An American contractor. Flagging down passing cars and asking for directions. These are things not to be, and do.” [Baghdad Bureau (new favorite blog!)]

“He Was My Coconut Dessert” [TNR, and O Globo]

“Did you know that the White House once had an orangery?” [Serious Eats]

“As the sun arcs over the Manhattan skyline and the markets start dancing nervously out of time, the lyrics I’ve been scribbling over breakfast have been removed and replaced by spreadsheets with large numbers in tiny font as we wrestle with EU budgets in advance of meetings later today with Presidents Sarkozy and Barroso.” [Bono’s Blog (yes, that Bono)]