Happy Constitution Day!

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I’m, like, a total fanboy for the Constitution. I liked it before it signed to a major label. Turns out I have this in common with Chief Justice John Roberts, who gave this kind of adorable interview today to WP’s “Kid Post”:

What do you think is the coolest part of the Constitution that people do not really know about?

What could be cooler than the part about the Supreme Court? Under the Constitution, justices serve for life, so they can say what the law means without worrying that it might be unpopular. Because the Supreme Court is separate from the rest of the government, it can make sure the government follows the law, too. People may know that, but I’m not sure they know how rare and special it is.

Hey, I’m sure that when Bush appointed Roberts, he was explicitly told that it would be “special” if the SCOTUS cracked down on him “rarely.”