First Dude

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There’s a lot to interest Palin skeptics in this piece at Salon, but this passage in particular caught my eye:

No one has accused Todd Palin of interfering in state business for his own personal benefit — instead, the situation has remained somewhat inscrutable, if not odd. According to local politicos and observers, he lurks around the capitol if he doesn’t have anything better to do, which, since he works seasonal jobs in oil and fishing, is fairly often.

As I said earlier this morning:

[S]witch the genders — our standard mode of cultural critique this year, practically so mandatory that I’m thinking [my husband] and I will just go as each other for Halloween — and what do you think? “Sarah Palin, with 5 kids at home, has no right lurking around her husband’s place of work like she has any idea what’s going on.”

I’m sure commenters have some thoughts.