Et Tu, Concord?

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I was punditing away on Morning Joe this am, making various electoral college predictions with Chuck Todd and the rest of the gang. As Chuck moved various swing states around on an electronic map, I couldn’t resist sketching out a cruelly ironic Life Imitates Art Scenario, which I like to call “The Shakespeare.” I plan a full column on this closer to election – because I think, sadly, that it may actually happen — but here’s a first look. The election comes right down to the wire. The state by state results look a lot like 2004, but Obama picks up NM, CO and IA leaving the electoral college count at a razor close 269 Obama to 265 McCain. New Hampshire’s four electoral votes hold the final balance. Here’s the Shakespeare part. (Think tragedy). The same quirky New Englanders who put John McCain on the map in 2000 and saved his campaign in 2008 decide to ultimately punish McCain, to destroy that which they created. New Hampshire votes as it did in 2004 — Democratic – and the Presidency is Obama’s. Don’t laugh; the latest polls show Obama leading in N.H.