Follow the Bouncing (Ron) Paul

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Republican candidate Ron Paul appeared CNN this afternoon, with third-party troublemaker Ralph Nader. An excerpt:

BLITZER: So is it fair to say — you’re saying you want a third party candidate to win. Would that candidate be the man sitting next to you right here in THE SITUATION ROOM, Ralph Nader?

PAUL: No. Ralph is a good friend, but we agree on tactics and what we’re doing — we agree on these very important issues, but quite frankly, he probably wouldn’t have joined my campaign and I probably won’t join his.

BLITZER: So you won’t vote for him?

PAUL: No, I don’t plan to.

BLITZER: Who do you want to vote for?

PAUL: I plan to get as many votes for him as possible because it will take the votes away from Obama, and that is where we have the agreement.

BLITZER: So you want to stop Obama, is that what you’re saying?

PAUL: Well, no. I want to change the system.