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“WHEREAS, the celebration of Christian Heritage Week, October 21-27, 2007, reminds Alaskans of the role Christianity has played in our rich heritage. Many truly great men and women of America, giants in the structuring of American history, were Christians of caliber and integrity who did not hesitate to express their faith.” [Beliefnet.com]

“But there’s something about aerial wolf hunting that just doesn’t strike me as very sporting…I mean, I could go in for some aerial wolf taunting, maybe, where you chase the wolf around in your plane, tire him out, land, and then get out and say things like, ‘SUCK IT, WOLF!..’ Then you get back on the plane and get wasted on mini bottles of cinnamon schnapps or something.” [DCeiver]

“A whole country invisible to most Americans.” [Indecision2008]

“But whether or not the press is biased against McCain and Palin, McCain’s campaign will continue to scream bloody murder as long as it thinks that help his chances in November.” [Portfolio]

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