Yes, More Basketball and Politics

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Caught up with omnipresent Charles Barkley last night. The round mound of rebound has been doing the chat circuit talking up Obama, despite his former, extremely logical position of being a Republican “because I’m rich.” I put the “if the Obama campaign were a team, what team would it be” question to him, and he proffered the 2006-07 2007-2008* Celtics (really!), as led by Kevin Garnett: “He has that kind of passion, that kind of teamwork, that kind of intensity,” Barkley said. (This column has material for further parallels if you’re looking for them.) Asked about the team that best exemplifies the McCain campaign, Barkley dismissed the “white-guy Princeton offense” parallel (sorry, boss!) but seemed to warm up to the idea that McCain is campaigning in a style similar to the “bad boy” era Detroit Pistons: “Playing dirty is the only way he can win.”

*My bad, not his!