That, Democrats, is how it’s done

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Posting this for Amy Sullivan:

Well. Whether you like the Big Dog or not, he definitely brought it tonight. It’s like these last 18 bitterly-fought months didn’t even happen. If I were a cynic, tonight’s speech might even make me wonder if all of that chatter about how ticked off Clinton was by the Obama campaign’s “instructions” earlier this week was all a set-up to make the unrestrained support of Obama that much more powerful.

So far, Clinton’s given the only speech at this convention that was as unrelentingly tough as the series of high-profile addresses at the GOP Convention in 2004 that undercut Kerry’s case and candidacy. Then again, he’s had practice at this. That sounded a lot like 1992. Which might not be such a bad historical model for Democrats.

The only odd note? Who the heck picked “Addicted to Love” as the song to play the former president off the stage? Appropriate, and awkward…