It Could Happen!

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We understand Terry McAuliffe (aka, “The Macker”) caused quite a stir on the floor yesterday, first convening with Virginia governor Tim Kaine and then taking time to talk with the delighted delegates, posing for pictures, signing autographs, trying on their hats… and listening to their concerns. He’s obviously a natural politician, though he’s never run for office. Yet. At the Virginia delegation breakfast, McAuliffe responded with candor to a delegate reporter asking about a possible gubernatorial run:

“I’m focused on this election, I am going full time for Senator Obama,” said McAuliffe, who lives in McLean. “But I never rule anything out. …Everyday is a new opportunity. I would like to be Pope if I could.”

Also causing a stir on the floor? Kaine’s extremely hot, possibly not fully legal son. Go youth vote!