Convention Jitters

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Carville declares the convention so far is a bust. But while it’s true that the first night was more about warmth than heat (you can read David Von Drehle’s account here), Obama officials are promising that the gears are about to shift. And ironically enough, given all the backstage drama, the campaign is counting on Hillary Clinton to help make that happen.

Here’s what South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn told South Carolina ETV radio:

“Well, I think James Carville could very well be right, and what would be wrong with the person he supported so ardently in this campaign (Hillary Clinton) doing that tonight?… The fact of the matter is, you don’t expect for a future, potential first lady to get into that kind of a discussion. If she had gotten into that kind of a discussion, I would see people right now wanting to know who are we going to be electing to run the country, Barack Obama, or his wife?…I think that’s very, very unfair, and that’s the kind of stuff that causes us problems, for you to expect the spouse to draw those kinds of distinctions.”