Re: Bill Clinton’s Convention Role

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Moline, Illinois
In a press conference on the tarmac before leaving for Kansas City, Obama just batted down stories that there’s any dissention between himself and the Clintons.

“She could not have been more clear today, she could not have been more clear in the course of the last several months,” Obama said. “President Clinton couldn’t have been more clear… The fact is we had a very hard fought primary. There’re going to be some Clinton supporters that we’re going to have to work hard to convince to come aboard… The Clintons love this country and they love the Democratic Party.”

When asked if there was any contention over Bill Clinton’s speech, Obama was quick to note what he told Clinton on the phone on Thursday. “I said, ‘Mr. President you can say whatever you like,’” Obama said. “Bill Clinton is a unique figure in our politics… It wouldn’t make sense to me to try and edit his remarks.”

Asked if Hillary even made the shortlist he said, “you can draw that conclusion.”