Please Dear God Make It Not Romney

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Denver, CO

For a Democratic convention, there sure are a lot of Republicans here. They seem amused and slightly disgusted by the excitement here, but I suspect they’re just jealous. A GOPer here covering the show last night confessed to be looking for an excuse to vote for Obama. And if McCain chooses Romney, the R said, “I might just stay home.” McCain-Romney embodies all that’s tired about the party, and its future seems to lay four or eight years down the road, with someone like Jindal or Pawlenty.

And speaking of the future of the party, on the flight here, I had a chance to watch an otherworldly documentary from Nickelodeon, about kids — pre-teens — for McCain. It was so straightfaced it could have an SNL parody: Little Michela putting up a lemonade stand to raise money for the campaign, a kid in New Jersey going door to door, talking about winning the war on terror… it reminded me of that line about Gore: “an old person’s idea of a young person,” except that they seemed to be young people’s idea of an old person… acting like a young person…? Maybe it was a trailer for that new Brad Pitt movie or something…