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The Other McCain Embarrassment

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Heather Hurlburt of Democracy Arsenal adds more details to the biography of Daniel Kurtzer, the Obama advisor that the McCain campaign foreign policy apparatchiks are trying to smear for attending a legal conference in Damascus and suggesting that the Israel-Syria peace process is a good thing:

When the McCain campaign goes after an Orthodox Jew, former dean of Yeshiva U., career diplomat who was the Bush Administration’s ambassador to Israel on 9-11, was caricatured in anti-Semitic cartoons in the Cairo press during his tenure as Ambassador to Egypt, where he bravely was a public face of Orthodoxy, and is the Commissioner of the Israeli Baseball League (you can’t make this stuff up), for doing something the Israeli government is already doing (talking to Syrians), will someone please tell me exactly how this country is supposed to have a diplomatic establishment?

Happily, the extremists over at the Commentary blog are about the only avid consumers for this swill.