Now Who’s Effete?

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Chester, Virginia
Obama today at a “discussion on the economy” here latched on to McCain’s recent comments to Politico when asked about the number of houses McCain has.

John McCain was asked recently: How many houses do you have?
And he said, “I’m not sure I’ll have to check with my staff.” True quote he said, “I’m not sure I’ll have to check with my staff.”
So they asked his staff and they said at least four.
Now think about that. I guess if you think being rich means you have to make $5 million and you don’t know how many houses you have than its not surprising that you think the economy is fundamentally strong.
But if you’re like me and you have one house and you’re like the millions of people who are struggling right now to make their mortgage payments than you might have a different perspective.
And by the way the answer is John McCain has seven homes.

Clearly Obama is no longer hesitant to paint his opponent as an out-of-touch elitist. The question is: after a month of McCain making this argument, is it too late?