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The Scum Also Rises

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Eugene Robinson nails it today on the quadrennial Republican scum festival that begins in August of every presidential election year. It seems to me that Britney-boating isn’t going to be as lethal to Obama as swift-boating was to Kerry–indeed, it is more embarrassing than devastating–but that doesn’t make it any less intolerable. I mean, we’ve got two wars, an energy crisis, an economy teetering on the edge of real serious trouble–and this is the campaign John McCain wants to run?

I know, I know, it’s all part of politics. And Obama is probably going to have to get down in the gutter with McCain. But it’s pretty depressing, all the same.

Good Point: Commenter 53_3 writes…

It’s time for debates!
You can’t hide behind sensless attacks when you debate, and I think Obama would come off much better in them.
He should start pushing McCain into a corner on this.

Yes. I think this has been a real mistake the Obama campaign has made. He should definitely have accepted McCain’s frequent debate offer–maybe not one a week, but one every couple of weeks. I thought it was an especially bad move not to debate in front of a military audience down at Fort Hood in Texas.