Diego Garcia Interrogations

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Kudos to our colleague Adam Zagorin for this reporting:

According to a former senior American official, it appears another locale can be added to the international roster of interrogation sites — one both more obscure and potentially more controversial than the alleged sites in Poland and Romania. The source tells TIME that, in 2002 and possibly 2003, the U.S. imprisoned and interrogated one or more terrorist suspects on Diego Garcia, an island in the Indian Ocean controlled by the United Kingdom.

Adam’s story is raising questions in Britain:

David Miliband was today accused of letting himself be “duped by the US on a colossal scale” following the publication of new claims about the interrogation of terrorist suspects on UK territory.

The foreign secretary told parliament earlier this year that he had been assured by the United States that detainees had not been held on Diego Garcia, a UK-controlled island in the Indian Ocean.