Why the Dems Love Big Oil Today

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Nancy Pelosi has never been happier to see ExxonMobil post record profits. With John McCain and the GOP successfully focusing the economic debate on the one area where he at least has parity with Barack Obama (see today’s Quinnipiac polls, he and Obama are both fairly equally trusted to bring down gas prices whereas Obama generally beats McCain in handling every other sector of the economy), the Dems have been sifting for a way to turn the conversation to their advantage.

One attempt failed earlier this week when, in a bid to pass legislation to curtail oil speculation, Harry Reid made a surprise offer to vote on four GOP energy amendments, including one on offshore drilling. The Republicans eventually rejected the deal.

And then today Exxon reported its quarterly earnings breathing new life into the Democratic push for a windfall profits tax and providing a new enemy for drivers to blame at the pump. The DSCC today also launched a website that highlights how much money Senate Republicans get from Big Oil. The Dems can’t complain that Big Oil never gave them anything.