Morning Emails

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Some highlights from the links in my daily email barrage:

The McCain campaign wants you to see this cartoon.

The Obama campaign wants you to know that McCain was wrong saying the surge started the Anbar Awakening.

The McCain campaign counters by pointing out that the Anbar Awakening probably would have fallen back asleep if not for the surge, at lease according to Joe Scarborough. (Note the fun subtext: Cat fight between MSNBC’s Scarborough and MSNBC’s Olbermann.)

The and people have enlisted Nas to call Fox News racist.

The Obama campaign wants you to see a Fox News report about Obama’s opposition to genocide.

The McCain campaign wants you to remember that Obama said he will meet with bad people without precondition if he is president. (This is the one year anniversary of that statement!)

Politico’s Mike Allen wants you to notice that McCain Campaign Don Steve Schmidt is now a Doonesbury character.

The McCain campaign wants you to know that Obama keeps saying different things about the success of the surge.

And don’t miss Maureen Dowd doing the Messiah argument. We’re still just starting with this one. (And the Obama campaign plane has a “captain’s chair embroidered with ‘Obama-’08/President'”!)

There are more, but my eyes started to glaze over. . .

UPDATE: One more, from the RNC, which may have legs. The Obama campaign is getting all confusing about whether or not Jerusalem should remain undivided.